Vitiligo and Sun Protection: Best Practices for Skin Care

sun protection for vitiligo

Sun care tips for Vitiligo

Summer months, with their blazing heat and increased sun exposure, can be pretty challenging for vitiligo patients. Direct sunlight on white patches and skin doubles the risk of exacerbating the contrast between pigmented and non-pigmented areas, making the condition more clearly visible.

Vitiligo is an immune-generated disease that causes patches of skin to become white owing to the decrease in the production of melanocytes, the cells that produce pigment. It can occur anywhere on the body; however, it usually does so on the hands, face, and around bodily openings.

Now, the main question is, “What does sun exposure have anything to do with vitiligo?”

Sun exposure has been shown to aggravate the symptoms of vitiligo, causing further pigment loss and increasing the appearance of the disease’s already-existing symptoms. Additionally, the lack of melanin in the white patches it more susceptible to UV damage. 

One of the most important aspects of treatment for white spot on skin involves protecting impacted areas from the sun. So, we’re going to discuss some highly beneficial tips for vitiligo protection.

Maintain your skin’s moisture

One of the most frequent concerns individuals have with the summer heat is that their skin feels damaged, dry, and dull. Vitiligo makes the skin vulnerable to several environmental variables, but dry skin makes it even more sensitive and worse. If possible, seek shade, especially during peak sunlight hours. Wear umbrellas, hats with wide brims, and sun-protective clothes with a UPF rating of 50+ to boost your protection. Keep your skin moisturised and avoid dryness. Avoid exfoliants, scrubs, and strong soaps, as these might aggravate vitiligo patches. Rather than rubbing your skin dry, press it dry and use mild cleansers.

Adhere to nutritional considerations

What you eat affects the symptoms of vitiligo in addition to taking the best possible care of your skin in the summer. You should make it a priority to include whole grains, fresh fruit, lean protein sources, and vital vitamins and minerals in your diet. Furthermore, prioritise consuming foods high in antioxidants to avoid any oxidative stress in the body, which might set off a series of cellular responses that exacerbate the symptoms of white patches on the skin. Eat less of certain items that cause inflammation in the body if you want to maintain the health of your summertime skin and avoid aggravating the symptoms of vitiligo. Add foods to your vitiligo diet that will aid in internal healing and repair, such as those that have an anti-inflammatory quality.

Pick a rash guard for the pool or beach

It might be tiring to keep reapplying sunscreen. Rash guards are athletic shirts with sunburn prevention built in for the water. Not only do you get trousers and long-sleeved one-piece swimsuits, but you can also find rash guard shirts with short and long sleeves. Remember to check the label for UPF.

Keep sipping water

Keeping your skin healthy, particularly when exposed to the sun, requires being hydrated. To keep it moisturised from the inside out, make sure to drink enough water throughout the day. After being in the sun, you should also think about using moisturisers or lotions that include calming elements like cocoa butter or aloe vera to hydrate and nurture your skin.

The summertime can be tough, especially if you have white marks on your skin. If you don’t protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays properly, it can cause severe damage. No amount of sun protection for vitiligo is “too much,” particularly if you have white marks on your skin. Proactively controlling the symptoms requires putting all the necessary tips to protect white spot on skin into action. 

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