What is Vitiligo? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment


A comprehensive guide on Vitiligo

Welcome! The reasons you’ve arrived on this website are as varied as the shades of Vitiligo. It’s possible that you are personally affected by the condition or that someone close to you has recently been diagnosed. According to research, vitiligo affects 0.5% to 2% of the general population. People living with vitiligo may feel self-conscious or embarrassed of their looks. The good news is that this medical condition does not pose a serious threat. Whatever your cause, we’ve got you covered. This article covers all you need about white patches on skin and how homeopathic treatment for vitiligo may help you. 

About Vitiligo

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder in which areas of the skin lose pigment, resulting in spots and patches. This occurs when the immune system misidentifies and kills melanocytes (pigment-producing cells). Vitiligo can affect any region of the skin, although it most usually develops on sun-exposed areas such as the face, neck, and hands, as well as in skin folds. A lack of melanin in your skin may cause your hair to become white or grey. The problem differs from person to person, and there is no way to know how much skin will be affected. Some people have a few little white patches, while others develop larger patches covering vast parts of their skin.   

Although it may affect people of all races, it is more noticeable in those with darker skin tones. Pigment-losing areas of your skin are called macules if they are greater than 1 centimetre in width or patches if they are less than that. 

Warning Signs

The immediate sign of vitiligo is the loss of natural colour or pigment, known as depigmentation. Depigmented patches can form anywhere on the body, including sun-exposed regions such as the hands, lips, arms, and cheeks. 

Additional symptoms include:

  • Loss of colour within your mouth and nose
  • Colour changes in the inner layer of the eyeball
  • Hyperpigmentation at the margins of the discoloured areas on the skin
  • White, patchy blemishes
  • Premature greying of hair
  • White spots on armpits, genitals and navel
  • Itchy skin before depigmentation

Melanin not only gives skin its colour, but it also protects it from sunlight. Lack of pigmentation in the skin increases the likelihood of sun intolerance in the affected areas. People with vitiligo are more likely to be sunburned and develop skin cancer.

Vitiligo symptoms can range from moderate to severe, affecting a significant skin area. If you witness any vitiligo disease symptoms, consult with our medical expert to receive the best treatment for white spot on skin


Vitiligo is a skin condition with white patches. According to research, the causes of vitiligo include:

An autoimmune disorder: Your body’s immune system mistakenly senses healthy melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation, as threats similar to harmful invaders like germs. Consequently, the immune system becomes overly active, generating antibodies that target and harm the melanocytes.

Family history and Genetics: Approximately 20% of individuals diagnosed with this condition have a family history of skin disorders, and studies have indicated that a genetic background predisposes individuals to its onset. It’s been identified that approximately 30 genes may heighten the risk of developing this skin condition.   

Stress: The amount of pigment produced by your melanocyte cells may fluctuate if you undergo regular emotional or physical stress on your body, particularly after an accident.

Environmental triggers: UV light and harmful chemical exposure can impact how well your melanocyte skin cells function.


The skin pigmentation disorder may not progress to other diseases. However, persons with the condition are more likely to experience:

  • Sun exposure that can cause discomfort
  • Hearing impairment
  • Iris or retinal inflammation
  • Social embarrassment 
  • Emotional stress
  • Higher risk of skin cancer

Managing the uncertainty of this condition can be challenging, but there are ways to cure it. Dr Mahima, our homeopathy specialist, suggests concentrating on controllable actions and adhering to certain remedies for better management.

Treatment with Homeopathy

For nearly two centuries, individuals have turned to homeopathy to cure their ailments naturally. The effectiveness of vitiligo homeopathic treatment has captivated the attention and sparked debates among medical experts. Homeopathy offers a comprehensive and natural approach to treating skin discolouration by harnessing the body’s innate healing abilities. One of the fundamental advantages of homeopathic treatment for white spots on skin is its complete lack of adverse effects. This safe and non-invasive method delivers lasting and prompt results. 

Supporters of homeopathy firmly believe that it can effectively manage the condition by addressing the root and restoring balance to the body. Through careful selection of remedies based on individual symptoms and constitutional characteristics, homeopathic medicine for vitiligo aids in repigmentation and reduces the occurrence of white patches. 

Unlike conventional therapies, homeopathy does not employ harsh chemicals or medicines that may have side effects. Homeopathic vitiligo medication is diluted to a safe and toxic-free level, making it suitable for individuals of all ages. With its gentle yet powerful approach, homeopathy provides a secure and natural refuge for those seeking relief. Although white patches on skin treatment with homeopathy may require a bit more time, it is undoubtedly worth the investment of your patience and trust.

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