Asthma in Children

What is Asthma in Children?

Asthma in Children is a prevalent condition in children worldwide. As a result, the airway passage narrows and swells and may produce extra mucus. Mucus is a thick and sticky substance secreted by the nose and lungs of the child patients in response to any external response. This symptom can make the breathing process difficult and trigger intense coughing.

Asthma is found to affect 2.4% of adults aged less than 15 years and between 4% and 20% in children. Asthma often worsens over time. Homeopathy can completely cure it. Asthma symptoms in children can also be controlled by using Homeopathic Medicines.

Asthma Affecting Children’s Development

It has been found that children with Asthma Disorders are prone to have some health complications such as weak lungs lower speed of mental and physical development. Asthma also affects the social as well as recreational activities of the children. Homeopathy treats it better than Allopathy.

Does milk aggravate Asthma?

Dairy is believed to be linked to Asthma. If an Asthma Children patient has no dairy allergy then, Drinking milk or eating dairy products doesn’t cause Asthma. However, if you have a dairy allergy, it may trigger symptoms that are similar to Asthma.

Also, if you have Asthma and a dairy allergy, dairy may worsen your asthma symptoms. About  44 % percent of children with Asthma also have dairy and other food allergies.

Both asthma and food allergies are carried out to happen by the same reactions. The immune system manifests a response because it mistakes food or another allergen as an invader.

Symptoms of Asthma

  • Wheezing when exhaling: It is one of the most common features of Asthma. It is most often seen in older patients. Allopathic drugs are not effective in treating wheezing. It is common in younger kids.
  • Chest tightness or pain: The patient has chest tightness due to Asthma; the patient may feel difficulty pushing air in and out of the chest. With Asthma, mild chest tightness can be present most of the time, but it may worsen in response to an asthma trigger.
  • Shortness of breath: It is also known as dyspnea — is often described as an intense tightening in the chest, difficulty breathing, air hunger, breathlessness, or a feeling of suffocation by the patient. It is common in older kids.
  • Coughing or wheezing: Wheezing is a high-pitched sound that occurs when you breathe. It’s caused by narrowed airways or inflammation in the lungs.
  • Altered and cringy behavior: Asthma and children’s behavior are linked to each other.

Causes of Asthma in Patients:

  • Parents with an asthma history: It has been found that children who have parents that have a history of Asthma are more prone to acquire the asthma disorder.
  • Inherited tendency to develop allergies: This is a genetically acquired issue from the parents to the children. When children acquire the tendency to develop allergies from their parents then, Asthma is more liable to occur to them.
  • Weather changes or cold air: Rapid weather changes from humid to cold or vice versa cause Asthma children to suffer more.
  • Some airway infections at a young age: Some other respiratory infections such as whooping cough also stimulate Asthma indirectly.
  • Exposure to air pollutants, such as tobacco smoke: Tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, other harmful greenhouse gases also cause Asthma in children. Early teenagers should avoid smoking.
  • Allergies to pollen, dust mites, mold, and pet dander: The Asthma children shall avoid the dusty and unhygienic places to work and reside. The children should stay away from the pet’s hair, dander, and urine spilled at home.

Homeopathic Treatment of Asthma in Children:

The uptake of Homeopathic Medicines causes no side effects in children. These medicines tend to make the immune system work properly. Asthma medication suppresses the over-sensitive immune system and treats the inner parts of the lungs. Homeopathic medicine instantly dilates the bronchi of the lungs and suppresses the excessive mucus secretion. Homeopathic medicine helps treat Asthma, affecting children’s development. The homeopathic approach has multidimensional benefits, as it tends to correct the effect of the defective gene and provide instant relief from the Asthma attack and Asthma symptoms. A proper diet chart is given to the Asthma patients to cure the patient completely.

Tests for Asthma Diagnosis:


  •  Peak flow. A peak flow meter is a simple instrument that measures how hard the patient can breathe out. Lower than usual peak flow readings indicate that lungs may not be working as well and that your Asthma may be getting worse.
  • Methacholine Test. Methacholine is a known asthma inducer. When inhaled, it causes the airways to narrow slightly. If the patient’s respiratory system reacts to the methacholine, it means the patient has Asthma.
  • Imaging tests. A chest X-ray is very helpful in detecting the structural abnormalities or diseases (such as infection) that can aggravate breathing problems and Asthma.
  • Nitric oxide test. This test is performed to measure the amount of the gas nitric oxide in the breath of the patient. When the airways of the patient are found to be inflamed, then it might indicate Asthma. This test indicates that patients have higher than normal nitric oxide levels.
  • Allergy testing. A skin test or blood test is performed in the Allergy testing. This testing indicates if the patient is allergic to dust, mold, pets, or pollen. Allergy shots are recommended by the physicians to the patients if the allergy is detected.
  • Test for exercise and cold-induced Asthma. In these tests,  the doctor measures the patient’s airway obstruction before and after the patient’s vigorous performance of the physical activity.

Allopathy v/s Homeopathy


  • Allopathic drugs are made synthetically, and thus, they cause severe toxicity to patients with Asthma and other problems. Asthma homeopathic treatment is good in terms of assured results.
  • Allopathic medicines are difficult to remove entirely from the body, and they are not that effective. In addition, they do not treat the original cause of Asthma.
  • Homeopathic Medicine relies on natural and authentic drugs and their doses. So, first, the patients thoroughly looked at their medical records. And then, the doctor prescribes the asthma treatment.
  • Homeopathy treats the patient gently. For example, in asthma treatment, the patient is relieved from the discomfort causing symptoms, and the recurrence of the ailment is also prevented.

How is Bharat Homeopathy treating Asthma Children?

Bharat Homeopathy is the best Asthma children’s clinic hospital. We are involved in providing the best quality asthma treatment. Our Homeopathic experts are constantly engaged in carefully determining the exact type of treatment that children need. We provide homeopathic asthma treatment at Bharat Homeopathy.

Unlike other Homeopathic hospitals that immediately prescribe costly and useless drugs; We rely on the child’s medical history and modern Homeopathic medication. The patients who subscribed to our homeopathic asthma treatment are satisfied completely.

Bharat homeopathy cares about the asthma children that consulted us. We are intensely involved in serving the asthmatic patients that have shown their precious trust in us.

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