Early Warning Signs of an Asthma attack

What is Asthma Attack?

An Asthma Attack is the sudden reaction of the upper respiratory system in which the patient got its bronchi constricted suddenly in response to inhaled asthma allergens such as dust mites pet hair in the airways passage of the patient.

The early warning signs of asthma patients are very important to treat and manage. If a patient does not treat it, its early warning signs of Asthma, then he or she might die if the early asthma warning signs and symptoms are left untreated or not ignored completely.

Signs & Symptoms of An Asthma Exacerbation

  • Shortage of breath: It is intense and challenging to manage the tightening in the chest. The shortage of breath is also marked by difficulty in inhaling and exhaling, breathlessness, and a feeling of suffocation by the asthma patient. Homeopathy also treats the shortage of breath in patients.
  • Wheezing during inhaling and exhaling: Wheezing is the high-intensity sound that becomes noticeable when you breathe. It’s caused by narrowing of airways or inflammation in the bronchi. Wheezing is more common in older patients. So this early warning of asthma is very important to address.
  • Chest pain and tightness: You can have chest tightness due to Asthma; the patient may feel difficulty pushing air in and out of the chest during inhalation. With Asthma, mild chest tightness can be present most of the time, but it may worsen in response to an asthma trigger.
  • Wheezing in the night: When you are trying to sleep in the night then, irregular episodes of wheezing may occur. It is one of the most common features of Asthma attack exacerbation. It is most often seen in older patients.

Early Signs of An Asthma Attack Damage Your Heart

The early signs of Asthma can become so intense that they can damage the delicate walls of the heart of the patient. The stress hormones might damage the fibers of the walls of the heart. The sudden rush of the epinephrine hormones is known to weaken the heart of the asthma patient. The early warning signs of the asthma attack are that the heart of the patient often shows increased or decreased heartbeat. This delayed sound of lub-dub of the heartbeat of an asthma patient is indicative of early signs of an asthma attack. These early warning signs and symptoms of an asthma attack are more readily visible in younger children. In order to take care of your heart, the children, as well as older aged patients, shall take measures to act upon the early warning signs of an asthma attack. Homeopathy treats the bronchi in a delicate manner and assures that the healing of the bronchi is taking place in a proper step-wise process.

Risk Factors of Early Warning Signs of Asthma


  • Cold air experience: Exposure to cold air is really harmful to Asthma patients. The patient gets cough and cold from the exposure to cold air. This exposure to cold air induced asthma attacks.
  • Air pollutants and irritants: The fumes from the chemical industries, smoke, and other industries, when taken with air in the lungs then, may cause inflammation of the lungs and episodes of Asthma too.
  • Allopathic medicines uptake: The Blood pressure controlling medicines; Anti-diabetic medicines; over-consumption of toxic medicine causes sudden asthma attacks in you. 
  • Physical activity: during the extreme or more than moderate level of exercise such as cardio, bench press, and gym workouts, the patient may get sudden episodes of early signs of Asthma attacks. 
  • Synthetic Preservatives: These are the synthetic chemicals that are added to some foods and beverages, including fish, mutton, chicken meat, shrimp, cashews, almonds, processed chips, and alcohol.
  • Working in the industry: Longer-term exposure of the persons employed in the cement making industry; cotton and fabric processing industry could lead to developing the early asthma attack signs.
  • Environmental influences: The early warning signs of asthma are directly influenced by environmental factors such as working in a tense environment.
  • Workplace performance issues: The underperformed patient may feel unappreciated, and it may cause stress-induced asthma.
  • Anxiety attacks: The panic attacks and the general anxiety disorder might also cause early asthma signs and symptoms. Anxiety attack is directly linked to asthma in children.
  • Relationship stress: The relationship dysfunction increases the stress factors by manifold, and as a result, the asthma attack may occur.

Early Signs of An Asthma Attack During Pregnancy

Asthma is a highly life-threatening disease. The dangerous effects of Asthma are also observable in the health of the patients. Sometimes, the effect of the asthma attack on the mother are readily and/or indirectly noticeable on the foetus (unborn baby). Sometimes, when a mother encounters an asthma attack, then the supply of oxygen to the pregnant mother becomes insufficient, and it ultimately compromises the amount of oxygenated blood reaching the unborn baby. Females are advised not to smoke and consume alcohol when they are going through a phase of pregnancy. The decrease in the rate of breathing of maternal asthma patients is the most relevant early sign of an asthma attack. Pregnant mothers also feel nausea and a prompt feeling of restlessness which is need to be addressed carefully.

Early Signs of An Asthma Attack During Sleep

The random episodes of Suffocative breathing of the patient at night is an early warning sign of an Asthma patient. The sound sleep of the patient might be disturbed due to the asthma attack. The frequent sleep disturbance in asthma patients is known to produce a chain of unwanted negative consequences, and as a result, the memory of the patient might also decrease. Therefore, Asthma needs to be managed as soon as possible by homeopathic medicines. Struggling for breath in the middle of sleep is also one of the early signs of asthma attacks. A random and frequent change in the sleeping postures of asthma patients is also a distressing factor and one of the early signs of an asthma attack.

Allopathy v/s Homeopathy

  • It has been found that Allopathy is lagging behind homeopathy in providing better quality measures for relieving early asthma symptoms in patients of different age groups.
  • Allopathic drugs are made with the help of synthetic chemical reactions in the laboratory, and thus, they cause severe toxicity to patients with early Asthma signs and other respiratory problems. Early Asthma homeopathic treatment with the help of homeopathy is good in terms of assured results.
  • Allopathic medicines are difficult to remove entirely from the body, and they are not that effective in relieving early asthma signs. In addition, they do not treat the root cause of Allergic Asthma. So, asthma patients should take homeopathic medicines only.
  • Homeopathic medicine relies on authentic drugs and their doses. So, first, the patients thoroughly looked at their previous medical records. And then, the doctor prescribes the highly customized early asthma treatment.
  • Homeopathy treats the patient with utmost care. For example, in early asthma symptoms treatment, the patient is relieved from the discomfort causing symptoms, and the recurrence of the ailment is also prevented. Zero recurrences of the asthma symptoms are assured in the homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy use in treating early signs of Asthma

Homeopathy medicines are known to eradicate the root cause of asthma. Homeopathic medicines uptake dilates the bronchi of the asthma patient and provides instant relief. The uptake of Homeopathic Medicines causes no side effects at all. Asthma medication suppresses the over-sensitive immune system and treats the inner parts of the lungs. Many scientific studies indicate that early asthma homeopathic treatment is much more effective and result-oriented than asthma allopathic treatment. Homeopathic physicians provide early asthma homeopathic treatment, which consists of different Asthma medicines. The homeopathic method has multidimensional benefits, as it tends to correct defective genes and provide instant and long-term relief from the early Asthma attack symptoms. There is no disease or ailment related to the upper respiratory system that homeopathy could not treat.

How is Bharat Homeopathy treating early asthma signs?

Unlike other Homeopathic hospitals that immediately prescribe costly and useless drugs; We rely on patient data and modern Homeopathic medication. The asthma patients that subscribed to our early asthma warning signs homeopathic treatment are satisfied completely. Bharat Homeopathy is involved in providing the best quality asthma treatment. Our Homeopathic doctors and health professionals are constantly engaged in carefully determining the exact type of treatment that asthma patients need. We provide homeopathic asthma treatment at Bharat Homeopathy. Bharat homeopathy cares about the asthma patients that consulted us. We are intensely involved in serving asthma patients that have shown their precious trust in our treatment protocol.    

The medicines we use to treat Asthma are outstanding. The patients who have been treated in the past never complain about any side-effects causing homeopathic medicines.


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