Homeopathy or Ayurveda, Which Is Better For Skin?

homeopathic vs ayurvedic

“Hey, are you someone who has recently been diagnosed with psoriasis? And, feeling nervous and scared about it? Then, let me tell you, it’s completely normal! The patients coming to us, have experienced feelings similar to yours. But the good news is that psoriasis is reversible with homeopathic treatment for psoriasis, and your skin can feel calm and clear again.”, says Dr Kanchan, Bharat Homeopathy. 

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is classified as an immune-mediated disease, which means that it is an inflammatory condition brought on by immune system malfunction. Visible indicators of inflammation might include skin scales and elevated plaques, which vary in appearance depending on the kind of skin. 

Skin cell growth is accelerated by an overactive immune system, causing this condition. Healthy skin cells take a month to fully develop and shed, but during psoriasis, they do the same in just three to four days. Herein, skin cells accumulate on the skin’s surface rather than falling off. Psoriasis plaques have been known to cause itching and burning sensation in patients. Though they can occur anywhere on the body, plaques and scales are most frequently observed on the scalp, knees, and elbows.

Getting the right treatment 

Because of its appearance, psoriasis skin disease has a significant detrimental effect on social and psychological elements of life. Therefore, it’s essential that you act quickly towards managing this condition. However, with various treatments of psoriasis and remedies available, choosing the right course of treatment can be confusing. 

How can you choose which one is ideal for your unique medical requirements and discomfort level? 

Herein, consulting psoriasis specialists at the right time and understanding the questions, like, “How severe is your psoriasis, where is it located, how do you stop psoriasis from spreading, is psoriasis dangerous, other medical conditions that you may have?” etc.,  help determine the treatment methodology that helps answer the query “how to cure psoriasis permanently“. 


Which Treatment Is Better For Psoriasis? Homeopathic and Ayurvedic?

Various schools of medicine, allopathy, naturopathy, ayurveda or homeopathy, are available to treat the psoriasis symptoms on body , particularly in moderate and severe instances. To develop the unique combination that will help lessen the severity of your plaques, the skin specialist may begin with an initial dose of medicine, work on stress alleviation measures, add a tablespoon of food modification, and toss in a few additional lifestyle and behavioural adjustments. 

With a prevalence of 0.44-2.8 per cent in India, it affects males more commonly than females. Patients with this condition have severe physical, mental, and social burdens that significantly impact their quality of life and that of their families. They often ponder the various treatments available, i.e., homeopathic vs ayurvedic for psoriasis and ask, “Which treatment is better for psoriasis homeopathy or ayurvedic”?

Which is best ayurveda or homeopathy?

To comprehend this, understanding the difference between homeopathy and ayurvedic is crucial. The basic principle of Ayurvedic psoriasis treatment is based on the belief that each person is composed of five fundamental components: air, earth, fire, space, and water. Within the body, these components combine to create vital energies known as doshas. Although each person is believed to have a unique combination of doshas, they have a dominant dosha. 

According to Ayurvedic experts, this disease is caused by an imbalance between the vata & kapha doshas. Toxins, stress, and overindulgence in particular foods, such as seafood, yoghurt, and salty meals, are all considered potential culprits. The most significant limitation of ayurvedic medicine for psoriasis is that it works better as a preventative treatment. Therefore, a lot of patients are seen to be switching towards homeopathic treatment for psoriasis.

It can be effectively and safely treated using homeopathy, driven by two principles. First, a medicine that causes comparable symptoms in healthy individuals might be the key to curing a condition. The idea is that this will activate an immunological reaction. For instance, since fever is one of the indications of an illness, a homoeopathic practitioner can suggest taking a substance that causes fever in healthy individuals. Second, it works on the idea that a medication’s ability to activate the body’s defences against sickness increases with decreasing dosage. 

Several patients with this disease have found relief with these principles at Bharat Homeopathy, providing the best psoriasis treatment in india. In order to help you maintain the healthiest possible skin, we asked two of our prominent skin specialists, Dr Kanchan and Dr Mahima, the best psoriasis doctor in india, to provide practices that can help reduce symptoms when flare-ups progress past the moderate stage.

“Psoriasis, an inflammatory skin condition, is considered mild when it affects <=3% of the body. When it affects five to ten per cent of the body, it is considered moderate. However, it becomes severe when it exceeds 10%. Furthermore, because it’s an itchy, irritating illness, anyone suffering from a severe case is probably looking for quick solutions to relieve their discomfort and manage their symptoms”, says Dr Mahima.

The following are some natural tips to cure psoriasis :-

  1. Adhering to the medicinal regimen consisting of the right medicinal dosage and dietary schedule, targeting the underlying immune system dysfunction that causes the disease
  2. Keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised using a natural moisturiser. It will help reduce the appearance of plaques and provide relief from symptoms
  3. Stress is a triggering factor for people struggling with this condition; therefore, manage them through yoga and meditation
  4. Adding a healthy food approach is the next best thing to adopt in your psoriasis management control plan
  5. While excessive smoking is bad for your overall health, Dr Kanchan advises against it for those with the condition because the chemicals in cigarettes cause the body to secrete pro-inflammatory molecules. Therefore, people who already have an inflammatory condition should avoid smoking. 
  6. Alcohol worsens symptoms by inducing “vasodilation, which increases the amount of white blood cells in the skin.” Dr Mahima explains that this is the reason the patients should stay away from alcohol and consume a lot of water, which is another helpful strategy for treating severe psoriasis.


Everybody’s psoriasis is unique, so determining the most effective course of treatment involves taking into account your preferences, any underlying medical issues, and other factors. While looking for a psoriasis treatment near me that fits your needs might be facilitated by discussing your inquiries and concerns with a trusted dermatologist at Bharat Homeopathy, the best hospital for psoriasis treatment in India.

And keep in mind that, in Dr Kanchan’s words, “there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to homeopathic treatment for psoriasis.” If it doesn’t suit you, then there are various alternatives available that can effectively cure the disease.