What is Asthma?

Asthma is a condition of the respiratory system in which the airway passage becomes narrow and swollen and may produce extra mucus. A mucus is a thick and sticky semi-solid substance secreted by the nose and lungs in response to any external response. Asthma can make the breathing process difficult and trigger intense coughing. In India, 30 million people are affected by Asthma. Asthma often changes over time. Homeopathy can completely cure it and reduce asthma issues. Its symptoms can also be controlled and managed using homeopathic medicines and a proper diet plan.

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Habits to Avoid Asthma Attacks

There are the following habits that asthma patients should avoid:

  • Running: The patient should not perform running exercises as it might lead to a shortage of breath, which in turn might stimulate an asthma attack.
  • Cardio exercise: you need to completely avoid cardio exercise at the gym. The cardio exercise causes excessive stress on the bronchi and lungs.
  • Avoid living in a polluted city: The patient should not live in a polluted city. If possible, you should migrate to a less polluted city.
  • Avoid bathing with cold water: cold water stimulates the spasm of the bronchi of the respiratory system. Therefore, an asthma patient should avoid bathing with cold water.
  • Stop using aerosols-based products: It has been found deodorants, room fresheners, and aerosols in the air are potent asthma-causative agents. Asthma patients should avoid them.
  • Avoid roaming in the fog or smog: The fog or smog comprises millions of droplets of condensed drops of liquid pollutants, which, when inhaled, trigger an asthma attack.
  • Stay away from dust, mites, and pet dander: The dust in the couch, the pet's dander, and urine fumes might cause an asthma attack. Personal and household hygiene should be maintained by persons with asthma risk.
Habits to Avoid Asthma Attacks

Natural Ways to Reduce Asthma Attack

  • Slow down breathing: The patient should not breathe too fast and too slow. The Asthma patient should slow down his rapid breathing before and after the asthma attack.
  • Regular breathing: The patient should perform regular breathing exercises in the morning and evening or whenever it is possible. The patient should take regular breaks from the busy work schedule.
  • Nose breathing: Inhalation of breathing from the nose shall be done, and the inhalation of breathing from the mouth shall be avoided.
  • Soft breathing: The asthma patient shall do gentle, mild, and soft kinds of breathing. The patient should inhale and exhale in the presence of a doctor.
  • Diaphragm breathing: It is the type of breathing that directly originates from the diaphragm.
  • Belly breathing: In this type of breathing, the patient should focus on the movement of the tummy. It helps to keep your hands on your tummy so you can concentrate on the air going in and out.
Natural Ways to Reduce Asthma Attack

Homeopathic Methods for the Treatment of Asthma:

Homeopathic medicine instantly relaxes the bronchi of the lungs and suppresses the excessive mucus secretion. The duration of action is longer than that of the useless allopathic medication. Global scientific studies indicate that homeopathic asthma treatment is more beneficial and result-oriented than asthma allopathic treatment.

Homeopathic physicians provide homeopathic asthma treatment, which consists of different Asthma medications. Asthma medication suppresses the over-sensitive immune system and treats the inner parts of the lungs. In addition, a proper diet chart is given to the Asthma patients to cure the patient completely.

Natural ways to reduce asthma attacks at home

There are the following ways of treating and reducing the asthma attack at home:

Ginger And Garlic Cloves

These herbs protect the patient against inflammation. In addition, the consumption of ginger and garlic tea every morning can remove the accumulated mucus in your airways and help prevent asthma attacks

Cinnamon and honey

Take the lukewarm water and mix honey and cinnamon powder in it. Consume this liquid two to three times a day as per your need. Cinnamon and honey help reduce asthma attacks.


Licorice is an anti-inflammatory herb that is highly helpful to asthma patients; licorice reduces inflamed bronchi and airways. Patients should prepare a tea with a teaspoon of licorice and consume it daily. This beneficial drink can help keep patients healthy.

Turmeric Powder

Having turmeric and ginger-enriched tea twice a day can potentially reduce the frequency of asthma attacks. Consumption of lukewarm milk with turmeric powder and ginger is beneficial in younger and older patients with Asthma. Its use is one of the best natural ways to reduce asthma attacks.

Kidney Shrinkage Diet Chart

A proper Kidney shrinkage diet chart is very important to keep up with the patient's mind. A proper diet chart shall be followed by the patient that should include a balanced diet such as non-thick pulses, chapatis, and a balanced diet.

In this article, we are going to discuss the food items to be taken and to be avoided by Kidney shrinkage patients. Kidney shrinkage diet and workout should be taken care of by the patient.

Kidney Shrinkage Diet Chart

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