Importance of Diet in Chronic Kidney Disease

The Human kidneys filter wastes and excess fluids from human blood that are ultimately excreted in the urine. The typical human Kidney has 1 million nephrons engaged in the mechanism of filtration of impure blood. The disorder in the functioning of the nephrons is known as Chronic Kidney Disease.

Chronic kidney disease is one of the fatal causes of illness in adult and older patients. A CKD diet plan is necessary to recover from chronic kidney disease. A Chronic kidney patient has to take care of their diet every season.

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Importance of a good eating plan

It is as simple as “You are what you eat.” Anything you eat and drink affects your overall health. When you have so many food options, why not choose the ones that are best for your health? A diet low in salt and fat will help reduce the chances of increased blood pressure. In diabetes, you must choose wisely what you can eat. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two main risk factors behind kidney damage.

Why normal and kidney-friendly diet is different

When someone suffers from kidney disease, it is evident that their kidney is not working correctly. This means all the activities that kidneys have to perform, like excreting extra fluid, filtering out waste, and helping in some hormonal balance, are obstructed. So, the diet for a damaged kidney should be planned to not increase fluid, toxic minerals, and waste in the body.

Bharat Homeopathy Utility in Chronic Kidney Disease Diet?

The winter season arrives with some harsh effects on the human body. It often affects almost every organ of the human body. Winter affects the human urinary system; as a result, kidney patients might find it hard to survive the winter season. Allopathic medicines are too challenging to be metabolized by the patient. In the winter, the muscle works to keep the body temperature regular. This extra duty of the muscle leads to the release of creatinine from muscles in the urine.

Do’s for The Chronic Kidney Disease Diet

Fruits to be consumed in moderation

If the Sodium and Potassium level is below the required amount, you can eat fresh fruits such as papaya, Apple, Guava, and pineapple only in moderation.

Cereals and Grains

The Chronic Kidney patient shall take the rice and wheat. The rice can be taken if the patient does not have diabetes. The patient can take the rice in moderation if not diabetic. The wheat flour can be eaten without any restriction. Cereals can be included in the Chronic Kidney Disease Diet breakfast.

Dont’s for the Chronic Kidney Disease Diet

No caffeinated drinks

Tea and coffee are caffeinated drinks. A CKD diet chart should not have tea and coffee. The patient suffering from Chronic Kidney disease shall not drink coffee and tea. Coffee and tea slow down the rate of metabolism in the patients.

Decrease consumption of Potassium-rich foods

The patient should be in the Chronic Kidney Disease diet, and breakfast should avoid Fruits like orange, tangerine, Lemon, Banana, Mushroom, jackfruit, Coconut, and Amla. Avoid overconsumption of any fresh fruits and sauces and use minimal tomatoes in food. You should use very few tomatoes while preparing your diet. The consumption of delightful fruits should be avoided.

Reduce Table Salt intake

Avoid adding white salt, soda, and processed fruit salad powder. The patient should also avoid any air-tight or tinned canned or preserved junk food and meat products with higher concentrations of salts. Increased sodium levels can cause Chronic Kidney disease.

Stop eating fried and oily food

Suppose a patient wants to get rid of the Chronic Kidney disease problem. Then, the patient should avoid junk food such as noodles, Chhole Bhature, potato snacks, fritters, and pizza in the CKD diet chart. An amount of fat intake of 2-4 teaspoons per day is permissible.

Water intake control

Over-drinking of water is to be avoided. Chronic kidney patients shall not force any water intake. Chronic kidney disease patients should drink water when they feel thirsty. The patients shall not take water after meals. The patient shall use small glasses to drink the water, which should be swallowed slowly.

Restrict protein consumption

CKD patients who are not on dialysis should reduce their protein intake to retard the progression of their Kidney Disease. Excess dietary protein waste can cause nausea and altered taste. The patient should eat a limited amount of CKD protein diet during breakfast. The increased consumption of protein increases the workload on the kidney. The patient should avoid dairy products such as cheese, milk, whey, and eggs.

Allopathy v/s Homeopathy

  • Allopathic medicines are synthetic in their chemical nature and extremely dangerous to use, and as a result, they cause toxicity to patients with chronic kidney disease.
  • Allopathic medicine does not treat the original cause of chronic kidney disease.
  • As far as the Healing mechanism in the allopathy is concerned, these drugs are involved in the temporary reduction of the symptoms of chronic kidney disease.
  • The Homeopathic system of medicine relies on a highly personalized medication regime. The patients are thoroughly looked at in their medical backgrounds. Then, the physician prescribes the medication.
  • In chronic kidney disease homeopathic treatment, the patient is relieved from the symptoms, and the recurrence of the disease is also prevented.
  • Huge benefits are observed in the CKD patients currently undergoing CKD Homeopathic treatment. Patients are satisfied with the homeopathic treatment completely.

Why Bharat Homeopathy for Chronic Kidney Disease Diet?

We at Bharat Homeopathy provide a better CKD diet chart plan for Chronic Kidney disease patients. We believe that every patient is unique. Bharat Homeopathy treats every patient with love, care, compassion, and empathy. Our experts are 100 percent dedicated to imparting the best services to the patient. We have treated 20,000+ kidney ailments patients successfully in the past.

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