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About Vitiligo About Vitiligo small
About Vitiligo

Let’s Understand Vitiligo

Vitiligo disease is an auto-immune disorder where the immune system starts to affect and damage the active cells of the body. Herein, the immune system becomes hyperactive and damages melanocyte cells responsible for developing melanin pigment in the body.

Melanocyte cells in the body produce melanin, a pigment that gives the skin its colour. Therefore, any damage to melanocytes decreases the pigmentation of melanin. Reduced production of melanin makes the tone or colour of the skin uneven, resulting in skin getting white patches.

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Major types of Vitiligo

1. Segmental

Herein, white patches only appear on one side of the body, such as one arm or leg, and affect 5 to 16 per cent of vitiligo patients. Fading of hair colour is common in segmental vitiligo, which can appear at a young age, progress rapidly for six months to two years, and then stop.

2. Non-segmental

Also known as generalised vitiligo or vitiligo vulgaris, nonsegmental vitiligo manifests as pale skin patches on both sides of the body. The earliest symptoms may appear on the hands, wrists, eyes, lips, hands, or feet.

The type of vitiligo a person has can affect the course, severity, and effectiveness of vitiligo skin disease treatment. Therefore, the proper diagnosis must be done in order to create an appropriate vitiligo treatment strategy.

Major types of Vitiligo
Symptoms of Vitiligo

Consult a vitiligo specialist if you notice these symptoms

White-coloured patches on the skin
White-coloured patches on the skin
Hearing loss and vision issues
Hearing loss and vision issues
Loss of colour in the mouth and nose
Loss of colour in the mouth and nose
Premature greying or whitening of the hair
Premature greying or whitening of the hair
Eyebrows or eyelashes turning white and losing colour
Eyebrows or eyelashes turning white and losing colour
What leads to Vitiligo?

What leads to Vitiligo?

A genetic mutation or alteration to the body's genetics can impact how well the melanocytes work. For example, more than 30 genes can make you more likely to get this condition. Many of these genes are related to immune system function or the biology of melanocytes, and mutations in each are likely to contribute to the risk of the disease.

Research indicates that for people who are prone to this condition, psychological stress may be a contributing factor. Repeated exposure to physical and mental stress on the body, especially after an injury, can alter the amount of pigment produced by melanocyte cells.

Conditions like exposure to harmful chemicals and UV light can impact the melanocyte cells' ability to operate. The illness is most likely caused by UV radiation exposure, interaction with certain chemicals, or use of skin-whitening products.

Generally, vitiligo is classified as an autoimmune condition. An autoimmune disorder occurs due to the immune system of the body attacking its own tissues and organs. The immune system misidentifies healthy cells (melanocytes) as harmful bacteria or foreign invaders and produces antibodies that attack the melanocytes.

Diagnosis for Vitiligo

To create a suitable treatment strategy, a proper diagnosis is critical.

Diagnosis for Vitiligo
Eye Examination
Eye Examination

Inflammation inside the eye is known as uveitis, an eye disease that can coexist with vitiligo. Often, inflammation occurs when the immune system is battling an illness.

Blood Tests
Blood Tests

Blood tests are prescribed to evaluate the immune system. Vitiligo, being an auto-immune disorder, can signify an affected auto-immune disorder.

Physical Examination
Physical Examination

It will examine the skin for depigmented patches and may use a unique lamp called a Wood's lamp to explore the affected areas.

Skin Biopsy
Skin Biopsy

To perform the diagnosis, a skin biopsy may be done. For the purpose of identifying the distinct changes in melanocytes, a small sample of skin is taken and examined under a microscope.

Medical History
Medical History

Medical history, including any family history of this disease or other autoimmune disorders and any recent exposure to environmental triggers such as sunburn or chemicals.

Leukoderma or Vitiligo? Understand the difference.

Although leukoderma and vitiligo both result in skin depigmentation, their underlying causes are different. Vitiligo, being an auto-immune disorder, causes white patches due to the body attacking the pigment-producing cells. However, leukoderma refers to localised depigmentation caused by burns or injuries, fungal infections, inflammatory skin diseases, and sometimes a reaction to certain medications. Despite being a unique form of leukoderma, vitiligo is not the cause of all leukoderma cases. The key to a successful leucoderma treatment plan is to address the underlying reasons. Homeopathic medicine for leucoderma and white spots employs a holistic approach to treating the condition without causing adverse side effects, as in leukoderma and vitiligo allopathic treatments. It's crucial to see a doctor for vitiligo and a leucoderma doctor if you think you may have a skin problem to diagnose and treat it properly.

Dietary Advises in Vitiligo

A nutritious and healthy diet routine focussed on supporting skin health and managing inflammation is the vitiligo new treatment that is holistic. Incorporation of the following dietary advice along with proper medical treatment will speed up the recovery process.

  • Vitamin C-rich food items increase melanin production
  • Vitamin B12 and iron-rich foods to manage hemoglobin levels
  • Anti-oxidant-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, can aid in reducing oxidative stress. Additionally, these are easy to digest and decrease constipation issues
  • Omega-3 fatty acids-rich products, including fish, flaxseeds, and walnuts, can have anti-inflammatory effects
  • A well-balanced diet with vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C, E, and zinc
  • Gluten-free or dairy-free food items, as these can impact autoimmune responses
  • Salt, tomato, potato, and brinjal
  • Lemon, pickles, curd, and cheese
  • Excessive consumption of processed food items
  • Strong fragrances like deodorants, asafoetida(heeng), etc.
  • Alcohol consumption must be strictly avoided as it burdens the liver
  • Chicken, mutton, and red meat are high in toxins and are hard to digest

Note:- Staying hydrated and avoiding excessive consumption of packaged foods can contribute to overall well-being.

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Homeopathic medicines help manage vitiligo disease-related conditions, especially in their early stages. Hence, one should opt for treatment as early as possible.

It is not contagious. It cannot be passed on to someone by handshake, sharing food, etc.

The spread of this disease may increase with time and vary considerably from person to person. To prevent the spread, treatment must be adjusted to suit a patient’s unique condition.

It can be easily managed with proper treatment. Homeopathic treatment aims to reduce symptoms, improve the conditions of white patches and prevent the formation of new ones.

Homeopathy cures this condition by providing a personalised treatment. It treats individuals' white patches differently based on their unique symptoms and conditions.

Yes. Bharat Homeopathy’s teleconsultation process has helped thousands with regular follow-ups, including video sessions with the doctors.

Various Preventive Measures

Follow these simple tips to help prevent vitiligo

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Early diagnosis and treatment

Avoid cuts, scrapes, and burns

Include anti-oxidants in the diet

Avoid UV rays in the afternoon

Various Preventive Measures
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Dr. Kanchan Singh

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Dr. Mahima Chaudhary

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98% success rate
Homeopathic Vitiligo Skin Disease Treatment

With the fundamental insight that symptoms are an effort by the immune system to establish balance, the range of action of homeopathy for vitiligo treatment seeks to strengthen the immune system's function. Homeopathic medicine for white spots is based on the idea that if a medication can cause symptoms of vitiligo in a healthy individual, there is a good chance that it will improve the body's defenses when applied to a diseased body that exhibits the same symptoms.

Homeopathy provides every patient with a comprehensive cure for vitiligo skin disease. Its vitiligo natural treatment encompasses a process for analyzing the medical history of the individual. It understands that certain diseases may develop when stress and a genetic predisposition coincide. Therefore, vitiligo pigmentation treatment considers the patient's susceptibility to specific types of stress, making the treatment more effective in the early stages of an illness, even before conventional therapy even starts.

Why Choose Bharat Homeopathy?

Bharat Homeopathy, a vitiligo clinic, is a well-known name in the medical field for its speciality in treating all types of white patches conditions. Our Vitiligo specialist doctors specialise in providing vitiligo natural treatment and play a crucial role in diagnosing and managing this white skin disease. We provide individual-based customised solutions to vitiligo skin disease and provide the best vitiligo skin treatment to patients as per their needs and symptoms. With a focus on enhancing both physical and emotional well-being, our doctors for vitiligo contribute significantly to improving the quality of life for individuals affected by white spots. Their expertise empowers patients through personalised care and self-acceptance.

Bharat Homeopathy’s doctors for vitiligo employ a multidisciplinary approach, combining medical and lifestyle interventions tailored to each patient's unique needs. These vitiligo dermatologists possess in-depth knowledge of the disorder's underlying causes, treatment options, and advancements in research. Driven by the values of compassion, integrity, and ethical practices, we believe in providing the best vitiligo skin treatment that’s affordable and accessible to all. The team of vitiligo doctors pays complete attention to determining the dosage, frequency, and potency of vitiligo medicine that would produce the best results and accelerate healing in each case.

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