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homeopathic medicine
homeopathic medicine

With the successful eradication of diseases like polio, smallpox, etc., India is now on its journey toward finding treatment for other chronic ailments that have been untreatable for a while. Here, the government’s inclination towards alternate schools of medicine is well noticed with its opening of a new ministry called AYUSH, i.e., Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. Being able to address every health issue with effective results, homeopathy leads the stage here. It is continuously becoming popular not only among the Indian diaspora and NRIs but across all civilizations. The core principle, “Treat the patient, not the disease,” makes the homeopathic treatment methodology highly effective and personalized.

While various health centers and clinics offer treatments based on homeopathic methodologies, Bharat Homeopathy, the best homeopathic clinic, is increasingly becoming everyone’s choice. Its potential to treat chronic ailments like respiratory issues, paralysis, kidney disorders, diabetes, etc., with absolutely zero side effects is a tremendous achievement. In addition, there are various accounts of patients that have recovered successfully.

Best Homeopathic Doctors

A specialized team of doctors

A highly specialized and professional team of doctors, including Dr. Kanchan and Dr. Mahima, the best homeopathic doctors, is on board with expertise in kidney disorders and skin issues, respectively. 

Dr. Kanchan completed her BHMS from Shri Guru Nanak Dev Homeopathic Medical College and Clinic, Ludhiana(Punjab), and started practicing at Bharat Homeopathy. Her unparalleled dedication and devotion to understanding every patient’s history and requirements made her immensely popular among patients. She also treats patients with chronic illnesses like paralysis, respiratory, kidney, auto-immune, respiratory, skin, and paralysis with effective and positive outcomes.

Dr. Mahima is another famous face at Bharat Homeopathy. She started her career as a skin expert after receiving her Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) from Bakson Homeopathic Medical College. In addition, she is a certified nutritionist with a Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education from Indira Gandhi National Open University, popularly known as IGNOU. She is equipped to handle any skin-related problems or effects.

Thanks to her daily turnaround of hundreds of patients, she has mastered every type of skin complexity. She also holds expertise in dealing with various women’s health issues like;  Thyroid, Irregular Periods, Dysmennorhea, Hirsutism, PCOD/PCOS, Healthy Skin, Hair Loss, Pigmentation, Weight Loss, and Weight Gain. 

Let’s talk about a few other reasons now.

Treatment exclusively for women’s issues

Bharat Homeopathy takes pride in being the first of its kind to provide homeopathic solutions to women-centric issues like Thyroid, Irregular Periods, Dysmennorhea, Hirsutism, PCOD/PCOS, Healthy Skin, Hair Loss, Pigmentation, Weight Loss, and Weight Gain. Women have been struggling with a lot of issues for decades now. With an entire segment, “Women HealthCare,” devoted to women and their various health issues, we intend to create awareness regarding multiple health issues through blogs and treatment methodologies. Before beginning the treatment, a thorough understanding of the patient’s condition is done. Medical diagnostics and requirements, age, prior illnesses, and living circumstances specific to that individual are considered while treating a long-term disease.

Chemical-free and non-toxic homeopathic treatment

Homeopathic solutions are known to be prepared out of herbs, minerals, and organic matter, making them entirely non-toxic and free from adverse effects. Homeopathic medicines are frequently produced as sugar pellets to be dissolved under the tongue, but they can also come in ointments, gels, drops, lotions, and pills. A combination of homeopathic medicines is prescribed, depending on the patient’s reaction to the infection, the severity of the illness, and how the case presents clinically. Homeopathic dilution is used to create homeopathic formulations, which are medications. The chosen material is continually diluted in the process until the finished product is chemically identical to the diluent. In many cases, it is unlikely that the final product will include even a single molecule of the original chemical, making them 100% chemical free and non-toxic.

Customized solutions to suit every patient’s needs and requirements

It is usual for different persons with the same ailment to undergo different therapies because homeopathic treatments are “individualized” or suited to each person. In addition, homeopathy uses a distinct diagnostic process to assign individuals to remedies and observes clinical patterns of signs and symptoms that differ from conventional medicine. Each patient’s medication is explicitly tailored to their needs, considering their mental makeup, physical symptoms, and other personal characteristics.

Trusted solutions

We have a history of successfully recovering hundreds of patients from chronic ailments like asthma, kidney disorders, arthritis, paralysis, skin problems like psoriasis, vitiligo, etc. Their journeys toward the cure have been uploaded to our website https://www.bharathomeopathy.com/ and YouTube channels. For example, there have been patients suffering from asthma for years and sometimes since childhood who have successfully recovered and are leading happy and healthy lives. In addition, various kidney patients who were advised that kidney transplants were necessary could restore healthy kidney functioning with the right drugs and dietary guidelines.

Tele-consultation || Tele-medicine

The facility of online consultation and follow-ups are often debated in the healthcare field. However, we have continuously proven ourselves to telephonically understand the patient’s condition and requirements. We feel the pain patients in remote areas encounter while traveling to a clinic or an extremely sick patient’s (who has asthma, paralysis, etc.) inability to visit a clinic. If required, a regular follow-up with the proper prescription and a call with the doctor is also arranged. 

Bharat Homeopathy, the homeopathic Clinic, believes in providing healthcare that’s affordable and accessible to all. Therefore, we constantly strive to deliver effective homeopathic solutions without side effects.  For further details, visit our website at https://www.bharathomeopathy.com/.

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