PCOD Homeopathic Treatment

What is PCOD?

PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovarian Disorder. The PCOD is a medical condition that affects the reproductive system of females. Polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOD) is one of the most common female reproductive disorders. In the PCOD, ovaries synthesize significantly fewer quantities of female hormones, namely Progesterone and Estrogen; but a large amount of male hormone Testosterone;

The formation of cysts in the ovaries is the indicative factor of PCOD. A condition of large no. of cyst is known as poly-cyst. PCOD Homeopathic treatment is efficient in the dissolution of ovarian cysts. PCOD Homeopathic treatment offers multiple benefits and no toxicity to the patient. The PCOD treatment based on Homeopathy is highly beneficial in the long run to the patient.

Prevalence of PCOD:

The prevalence of PCOD is a grey area. No properly disciplined and full-fledged research has been done in this regard. However, the fewer number of Research indicates that its prevalence falls in the bracket of 3.7 percent to 22.5 percent. Indian adolescent girls have 9.13% of PCOD.

The women in rural areas tend to ignore their PCOD due to their financial hardships. However, the women in the urban areas are able to meet their expenditure incurring during their PCOD treatment. The PCOD Homeopathic treatment is able to eradicate the PCOD he women at a rapid pace. 

Symptoms and Signs of PCOD

  • Irregular menstruation: It is a common symptom often reported by women suffering from PCOD. When the periods are often irregular and painful, then it is a sign that the patient should start taking a PCOD treatment.  In addition, the frequency of the period became reduced up to a greater extent. The woman skips period more than one or two months. It makes them feel worried. 
  • Polycystic ovaries: The ovaries in the female patient might be swollen and enlarged, and as a result, the follicles also get affected. As a result, the ovaries might start regularly facing some problems in their function. 
  • Hirsutism: It is marked by the excessive growth of hair or stubble over the stomach, near breasts, the surface of the abdomen. Due to the exaggerated testosterone hormone level, hair development increases by manifold. PCOD treatment can reduce it considerably. 
  • Male pattern blindness: The hair fall becomes significant in the female patients suffering from the PCOD. It can be reduced by PCOD Homeopathic treatment. Top and front parts of the head of the female start losing hair. This leads to psychological issues such as lower self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. 
  • Irregular Bleeding from uterine organ: There have been some instances observed in the patients where Bleeding from the uterine towards outside has been observed. It is associated with cramps and pain irregularly. PCOD treatment with Allopathy does not yield desired results. 
  • Diabetes:  According to scientific research, women with PCOD disorder are reported to be 4 to 8.8 times more risk-prone to acquire the condition of Type-2 diabetes. The compromised insulin and insulin resistance biosynthesis are reported in women with PCOD. Diabetes has been reported to be decreased in patients who are going through PCOD homeopathic treatment.

Causes of PCOD:

  • Excess release of androgens: The original symptom causes different manifestations of male characteristics in males. Manifestation includes physical symptoms, such as excess facial and body hair (hirsutism), and occasionally mild to severe acne is also reported in patients. 
  • Genetic Heredity: Several biological Research points out that certain genes might contribute to PCOD. Suppose the family members have a history of PCOD. In that case, there is a high probability that the newer female generations might have a gene responsible for the expression of the PCOD.
  • Instances of Low-grade inflammation response: The Immuno-compromised patients of women stimulate their ovary to biosynthesize more than normal traces level of androgens in women. This is proved to contribute to the initiation and worsening of the PCOD disorder.

PCOD Homeopathic treatment

Sepia – Bharat Homeopathy prescribes this medicine for patients who are constantly complaining of acute pain in the uterine portion. It is one of the commonly used medicine in PCOD Homeopathic treatment. 

Pulsatilla – Bharat Homeopathy medication for PCOD contains Pulsatilla. It is prescribed by the Bharat Homeopathy for PCOD Homeopathic treatment to treat the problem of less and delayed periods.

Graphites – It is recommended that patients of the PCOD who have an issue of constipation. Then, it is prescribed by Bharat Homeopathy. 

Apis Mellifica – One of the tremendous remedial measures used by Bharat Homeopathy medicine for PCOD Homeopathic treatment. It is given to patients that often complain of pricking pains. It acts on the mucosal membrane of uterine organs and uterus. 

How is Bharat Homeopathy rescuing women with PCOD?

A large number of helpless women are suffering from PCOD. Bharat Homeopathy plays a significant role in providing the cost-benefit PCOD Homeopathic treatment for financially unsound women suffering from PCOD and seeking an affordable PCOD treatment. By serving vulnerable women with good medication services. 

Bharat homeopathy believes that every disorder related to the female reproductive system is treatable with the Homeopathic system of medicine. 

Bharat Homeopathy- The Boon for PCOD patients.

Bharat Homeopathy is paving its way for highly efficient PCOD treatment. The ingredients used in the homeopathic medicine of Bharat Homeopathy are scientifically and biologically proven. 

Bharat Homeopathy uses pure and laboratory-tested ingredients with no side effects. Furthermore, Bharat Homeopathy takes proper counseling of the patients, and we strictly believe in eradicating the real cause of the problem.

Bharat Homeopathy medications are believed to provide a PCOD treatment at a genetic level. It believes in the proper rather than just superficial treatment that minimizes the physiological symptoms. 

There are no adverse effects observed in the patients that consulted Bharat Homeopathy. The Bharat Homeopathy medications are free from any type of side effects.

“Bharat Homeopathy has a vision of a society in which women are not suffering and leading a healthy and prosperous life.”


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