Varicocele Treatment without Surgery

What is Varicocele?

Varicocele is a common sexual disorder in males. Varicocele can affect men of different ages and at different developmental stages of life. Most of the patients experience mild to no symptoms. It is up to the patient whether he wants to treat the Varicocele or not. It is not a life-threatening disorder if left untreated. 

With the help of homeopathy, the Varicocele treatment without Surgery was made possible. 

Varicocele is a pervasive sexual disorder in males of different age groups. In the Varicocele, the veins inside the scrotum are the protective pocket-like structure that protects and helps hold the testicles in the correct position in males. In Varicocele, veins inside the scrotum are enlarged and broader than their normal width or diameter. As a result, Varicocele causes testicular veins to swell and lose their original shape. 

Generally speaking, Varicocele is usually painless but can sometimes the patients are reported to complain about aching testicles or pain that may originate and disappear irregularly. In addition, in some patients, a Varicocele can affect fertility. 

Bharat Homeopathy made the Varicocele treatment without Surgery very affordable and risk-free. The medicine system at Bharat Homeopathy is highly efficient, cost-benefit, and devoid of any adverse effects.

Symptoms and extent of pain

The extent of pain in the Varicocele is highly variable, and it differs from patient to patient. Generally speaking, Varicocele is usually painless but can sometimes the patients are reported to complain about aching testicles or pain that may originate and disappear irregularly. In some patients, a varicocele can affect fertility. 

Why Homeopathy to treat Varicocele?

  • No surgery: with the use of Bharat Homeopathy, one can surely avoid the hurt and risk caused by the surgery. We at Bharat Homeopathy believe that Varicocele is treatable with the help of highly efficient Homeopathic medicines. That too, without the risk of invasive surgery. 
  • Root cause address mechanism: Unlike the allopathic system of medicine, which is based on mitigation of symptoms, the Homeopathic system of medicine directly acts as the testicular vesicle of the affected patients.  Bharat homeopathy products are highly efficient, and they directly address the root cause of Varicocele. 
  • Ensures no recurrence:  Bharat homeopathy ensures the overall care of the patients. Since the homeopathic medicine services of Bharat Homeopathy are known to tackle the root cause of Varicocele, there is almost no recurrence reported in the patients that we have treated. 
  • Not just symptoms reliever: Unlike the allopathic system of medicine that treats only symptoms and not the original root cause of the Varicocele, the homeopathic medicine of Bharat homeopathy is highly reliable and treats the root cause and eradicates it. 
  • Highly personalized patient regime: Our homeopathic medicine plan and doses are not static and fixed. They are highly dynamic and subject to change as per the medical history of the patient. The prescription of patients prescribed by homeopathic medicines is not the same for all patients. 
  • Highly personalized prescription for different patients: We understand the demand and needs of each individual patient. Because we believe that each patient is different and unique, and each patient has his/her own set of weaknesses and strengths. Each patient is limited by different physiological restrictions. We take into account the various underlying medical conditions; Age factors, and other things.
  • Regular follow-up: Bharat homeopathy believes in the regular intake of medicines up to 15 to 20 days regularly. Patients with Varicocele have reported a drastic improvement in their conditions after taking their prescribed homeopathic medicine.  A strict follow-up routine is followed by homeopathic experts. We carefully analyze the improvement noticed in the patients. 
  • Ensures no reversal of disorder: The Homeopathic system of medicine ensures healed testicular vesicle does not get worsened over time. 

Homeopathic ingredients used by Bharat Homeopathy

  • Nux Vomica: Nux Vomica is reported to treat the patient with Varicocele causing constricting pain in the penis. It is one of the widely known Homeopathic medicines for Varicocele. It helps in mitigating the extreme level of pain in the testicles and spermatic cord of the patient. A patient suffering from the condition of Varicocele may complain of premature ejaculation. 
  • No surgery: with the use of Bharat Homeopathy, one can surely avoid the hurt and risk caused by the Surgery. Varicocele treatment without Surgery is the need of the hour, and it is now possible with the help of homeopathy. 
  • Hamamelis: One of the most sought-after Homeopathic medicines prescribed for Varicocele by Homeopathic physicians. Those patients experience pain in their affected spermatic cord which is connected to the testes. It also helps in treating the testicles with a severe extent of inflammation. Patients who have taken this medication in their dose regime are reported to be healed at a faster rate. It is also helpful in the eradication of Varicocele. 
  • Pulsatilla: The varicocele patients, when given the doses of Pulsatilla, are found to heal not only Varicocele but also the Enlarged prostate and hydrocele. It is one of the highly efficient Homeopathic medicines available for Varicocele in cases where the main symptoms range from acute to severe inflammation of the testicular vesicles accompanied by pain radiating directly from the abdomen towards testicles. The complaints of great soreness of the testicles have been reported to get slow down with the help of this medicine. This homeopathic medicine is reported to treat other urinary tract infections too. 

How is Bharat Homeopathy a hope for patients with CKD?

Bharat Homeopathy believes in a society where patients use homeopathy as their first mode of reliance to treat their ailments and disorders. The Homeopathic medication of the Bharat Homeopathy is constituted with high-quality, efficient, and reliable drugs. Our medications do not have side effects and ensure time-bound and proper Varicocele treatment without Surgery.

Bharat Homeopathy’s Varicocele treatment has shown impeccable results in our patients that consulted us in the past and is currently paving its way to becoming a leading healthcare organization in the treatment of male sexual disorders. Our dedicated team of experts believes in the homeopathic treatment of almost every type of sexual disorder associated with the male reproductive system. 

The patients are carefully taken into consideration and listened to carefully and analytically. Bharat Homeopathy also provides a patient-centric diet chart for Varicocele patients. Unlike the other homeopathic organizations, Bharat Homeopathy takes overall care of the patient at every stage of the treatment, be it pre-treatment consideration of the medical history and post-treatment follow-up with a break of 2 to 3 weeks. 

The homeopathic medicines of Bharat homeopathy cause no side-effect. Homeopathic medicine directly treats the root cause of the Varicocele. Bharat homeopathy makes a flexible prescription for every patient. 

“Bharat Homeopathy is a remedy itself in its own. We have a vision of suffering less, Healthy and Cheerful India.”

Symptoms of Varicocele

The patient may have no symptoms associated with a varicocele. However, one might experience:
  • a lump in one of the testicles
  • swelling in the scrotum
  • visibly enlarged or twisted veins in the scrotum
  • recurring pain in the scrotum
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