Drinks to Detoxify Kidneys

Kidney patients should care for themselves by taking care of their winter diet. An unhealthy and unattentive diet could harm kidney patients' health. Therefore, kidney patients will follow a proper diet chart in the winter weather. This diet fulfills the nutritional requirements of the patient. Homeopathy-recommended kidney patient diet plays an essential role in the overall well-being of kidney patients.

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How does winter affect kidney patients?

Impact of not having a winter dedicated diet by kidney patients


Fatigue is seen in patients who start entirely avoiding sugar in the diet. Fatigue is observed in the patients who did not consume special drinks to detox their kidneys. In fatigue, the patient feels lazy and stops participating actively in daily routine tasks and physical activities.

Weight gain

The overall metabolism of kidney patients becomes imbalanced, and as a result, the accumulation of excessive fats occurs in the patient’s body. The drinks to detox your kidneys are also helpful in dissolving the fat in and around the kidneys.

Muscle pain

Pain and stiffness are observed in patients who are not involved in consuming beneficial drinks to detox the kidneys. Affected organs include the neck, thighs, shoulders, and upper arms. The muscle pain is due to the lack of sodium and potassium.

Foamy Urine

The protein starts excreting in your urine. It is one of the indicative factors that you need to take care of your diet and start consuming drinks. The drinks to detox your kidneys are also helpful in dissolving the fat in and around the kidneys.

Infections (like cold & flu)

As the immune system weakens, you might catch a common cold, and the liquidy mucus starts releasing from the nose.

Joint swelling and pain

The joints of the patients become swollen due to the accumulation of uric acid in them. The patient feels extreme difficulty in moving the joints during walking or running.

Urinary tract Infections

There is an increased infection of bacteria and other microorganisms in your urinary tract. These urinary tract infections are less likely if you take healthy drinks to detox your kidneys.

Red rashes on the face

This occurs due to the skin's response due to the immune system's over-sensitization. The itching and red rashes appear on the face of the patient. Drinks to detox your kidneys are also helpful in boosting your immunity. Detox your kidneys. Homeopathy has many efficient medicines to treat proteinuria.

What is Kidney Toxicity?

Kidney toxicity is also known as Renal Toxicity or Nephrotoxicity. Kidney toxicity is one of the most common kidney problems and occurs when the patient’s body is exposed to a toxin or drug that causes physical damage to the patient's kidneys. When kidney toxicity occurs, the patient cannot eliminate excess urine and ammonia wastes.

At Bharat Homeopathy, we provide customized drinks for kidney detox. The drinks that we provide for the detoxification of the kidneys are ready to be absorbed by the body and provide relief and eradication of the root cause of kidney toxicity. You can not leave your toxified kidneys untreated. We at Bharat Homeopathy are ready to help the patients.

Why Detox the Kidneys?

A healthy urinary system is essential in this era of multiple health disorders and kidney issues. Consuming the drinks to detox your kidneys at home has many benefits. These benefits are given below:

  • Helps maintain blood pressure: The kidneys help maintain the normal blood pressure range.
  • Boost the immune system: The drinks to detox your kidney cells have a significant impact on the patient's localized immune system. These drinks help synthesize the antibodies in more quantity.
  • PH balance: Drinks to cleanse your kidneys also help maintain the kidney's and urine's pH balance. pH means the acidic or essential nature of the tissue or liquid.
  • Maintenance of the fluid balance: Our body fluids have a balanced fluid system containing minerals and ions such as magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium. The consumption of kidney detox drinks maintains the fluid balance of the body.

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