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Bharat Homeopathy is expertise in the medicinal world. It is the leading Homeopathy Clinic in India. We have helped numerous patients from all over India with homeopathic treatment.

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Privacy Policy

This privacy statement outlines our commitment to upholding your entitlement to online privacy and acknowledging your need for proper management and protection of the Personal Information (as defined below) that you provide to us. The services we offer through the domain (henceforth referred to as the “Website”) are covered by this privacy statement. You accept the terms and conditions of this privacy policy upon accessing our website.

Please refrain from using or accessing the website if you disagree.

As used in this privacy policy document, the terms “you,” “your,” “User,” and “Customer” refer to any individual or entity utilising the Website for any purpose. The terms BHARAT HOMEOPATHY and/or any authorised assignees are referred to as “we,” “us,” “our,” or the “Company” in this context.

As part of our regular service operation, this Privacy Policy also explains the information. We gather information from you and we may use it in the future. We think you should be as informed as possible about the Website, Services, and our practises so that you may make wise decisions, even though our policy may appear lengthy.

Accepting our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which lays down the guidelines for using our website and services, explicitly grants us permission to use and disclose your personal information as set forth in our Privacy Policy. The Terms of Use govern how this Privacy Policy is used and integrated into them. Any terms that aren’t specified here have their definitions attributed to the Terms of Use. Upon your access to the website, the terms of use and privacy policy will take effect. Before using our website, we strongly advise you to read the terms of use and privacy policy comprehensively.

1. Your Privacy – Our Commitment

We gather the information you voluntarily provide us, such as; when you create or edit your account, ask for on-demand services, get in touch with customer support, or interact with us in any other way. This information may include your name, email address, phone number, postal address, mode of payment, products ordered (for delivery services), and delivery remarks in addition to any other information that you want to provide.

2. Information That We Collect

We may ask you to create a personal profile and register in order to provide you individualised services and features. We may need information from you throughout the registration process, including your name, gender, zip code, place of residence, email address, and password. In order to give you the most individualised service possible, this information is used. In order to protect your profile and enable our personalised email services, we need your email address and a password. We gather data about you in the following general categories when you use our services:

  • Location Information: We collect precise location data (based on GPS and network technology) when you use the Services to place an order or request a delivery. We may also be able to obtain your device’s exact position whether the app is running in the background or in the foreground in order to send promotions for retail stores if you allow the BHARAT HOMEOPATHY website to access location services through the permission mechanism used by your mobile operating system (the “platform”). To speed up the app or website, we could also use your IP address to determine your approximate location.
  • Contacts Information: We may access and store names and contact details from your address book on the device to enable social interactions through our Services if you allow the BHARAT HOMEOPATHY website to access it through the permission system used by your mobile platform or website. If the user taps on the contact number, we may utilise the aforementioned information to determine whether or not the user is connected to the network and to allow the user to make a call.
  • Transaction Information: We gather information about your transactions with us, such as the kind of service you ordered, when and how it was delivered, how much was charged, what orders you placed, and other relevant transaction details.

3. Use of information

Your information (password, gender, and email address) is used to offer customised information to you and to personalise our service based on your preferences. For instance, we may choose to utilise both personal and non-personal information for website management, trend research, and internal marketing campaigns. The combined information enables our advertising partners to customise their offerings to the unique needs of visitors to Generally speaking, unless you specifically authorise in advance, we won’t divulge any personal information to outside parties. We cannot, however, completely guarantee that, in all cases, your private messages and other personal information will not be revealed to other parties owing to the current legal, regulatory, and security environment.

The data we gather about you might be used for the following uses:

  • Facilitating payments, sending receipts, delivering the goods and services you’ve requested (as well as any associated information), creating new features, offering user support, developing safety features, authenticating users, and sending administrative and product updates are just a few examples of how we deliver, maintain, and enhance our services.
  • Perform internal operations, such as preventing fraud and misuse of our services, addressing bugs in software and other operational issues, gathering and analysing data, testing, and research, and keeping an eye on use and activity patterns.
  • Send you information that we believe would be of interest to you, such as updates about BHARAT HOMEOPATHY news, events, promotions, and products; process submissions for contests and other promotions; and award any associated prizes.
  • Provide or promote features, content, social connections, referrals, and advertisements in order to personalise and improve the Services.

4. Using cookies

We may keep some data on your computer when you visit our website. A “cookie” will be used to store this information. Cookies are little data files that are kept on your computer’s hard disc to facilitate both your current and next visits to our website. We use cookies for a variety of reasons, including delivering information tailored to your interests and storing passwords so you don’t have to provide them every time you visit our website. Additionally, you have the option to configure your web browser to alert you whenever a cookie is transmitted, giving you the choice of accepting or declining cookies. However, if you disable or reject cookies, some features of may not function properly.

5. The Exchange of Information

We may disclose the data we gather about you in the ways listed below or as stated when the data is first collected or shared:

By use of Our Services, we may share your data:

  1. In collaboration with third parties to deliver a service you requested via a joint venture or marketing initiative from us or a third party;
  2. With the public at large in the event that you upload content in an open forum, such as blog comments, social media posts, or other publicly accessible aspects of our services;
  3. With outside parties you authorise us to share information with, such as other websites or applications that work with our Services; and

6. Information Security

We implement the necessary security measures to guard against illegal entry and illegal data manipulation, disclosure, or destruction. These include internal audits of data gathering, processing, and storage procedures as well as security precautions, such as suitable encryption and physical security measures to prevent unauthorised access to the systems where we store personal data.

Every piece of data that we collect on our website is safely kept in a database under supervision. The database is kept on firewall-protected servers, and access to the servers is carefully controlled and password-protected. As strong as our security protocols are, no security system is impenetrable. Neither the security of our database nor the safety of the information you submit while it is being sent to us over the Internet can be guaranteed by us. Of course, anybody with Internet access can access any information you publish to the discussion areas.

The internet is a dynamic medium, though. We periodically update our privacy statement to reflect any required future modifications. Regardless of any new policies, we will always use the information we acquire in a way that is compliant with the policy under which it was collected.

7. Further Links to Websites

There may be connections to other websites on our website. The content or privacy policies of such other websites are not within the control of

8. Get in Touch

Contact us at if you have any concerns regarding this privacy statement, our policies, or your interactions with our website.