What is Hydrocele?

Hydrocele describes the presence of abnormal fluid buildup in the scrotum that covers the testicles and spermatic cord. Hydrocele arises from the contrast between fluid secretion and reabsorption. Scrotal swelling without pain is the main complaint of the patients facing this problem. According to estimates, up to 1% of the adult male population experiences it.

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Hydrocele Symptoms

A hydrocele is an extremely uncomfortable condition that might interfere with your daily activities. Furthermore, some men may feel embarrassed due to it. Among the various hydrocele symptoms, the primary indication is the enlargement of one or both testicles without any pain. Despite the lump being painless, the scrotal enlargement can cause heaviness and uncomfortability. Additionally, in certain cases, inflammation in the epididymis coexists with scrotal swelling. In these situations, one may experience unbearable pain and scrotal itching.

Causes of Hydrocele in Newborn

While they can happen at any age, hydroceles are often more prevalent among infants.

Although they might develop without any specific cause, inflammation may play a role in their formation.

Types of Hydrocele

The way the disease unfolds in the male's body is essentially the factor that defines which way it manifests itself. The forms most commonly observed are communicating and noncommunicating.


The sac closes, but the fluid is not absorbed by the body. The body usually absorbs the residual fluid in less than a year.


It occurs when the sac that surrounds your testicle closes partially. It allows the inflow and outflow of fluid as a result.


Usually, a hydrocele does not damage the testicles and does not pose a threat to them. However, if they aren’t addressed promptly, they may trigger additional problems. A few complications that may develop due to untreated hydroceles are:-

  • Rupture: The amount of fluid that builds up in the scrotum increases with time. Huge amounts of fluid can cause the hydrocele to burst by putting too much pressure on the scrotum. It is one of the most common complications.
  • Hematocele: Sudden bleeding inside the sac may occur due to any kind of damage to the scrotal area. A haematocele (swelling caused by a cavity filled with blood) may occur due to this. Clotting might happen if the hematocele is not cleared.
  • Pyocele: Pyocele may develop if the fluid in the scrotum becomes contaminated. The buildup of purulent fluid in the scrotum is a characteristic of pyoceles that requires immediate medical attention to prevent permanent damage.
  • Fournier’s Gangrene: There is an existing possibility that the hydrocele acts as a risk factor for Fournier's gangrene. This severe condition may lead to the destruction of the nearby tissues.
  • Sexual Dysfunction: The condition is suspected to be the cause of several cases of sexual dysfunction. It may affect spermatogenesis negatively, resulting in sperm quality decline.
  • Permanent Damage to the Testicles: Any damage to the scrotum may result in too much pressure on the testicles and perhaps even twisting (testicular torsion). The stiffening of the hydrocele may indicate testicular torsion and, if left untreated, may result in irreversible damage to the testicles.

The following diet may address the above-mentioned complications:-

Fresh Fruits

Incorporate fruits as part of daily diet by opting for apples, oranges, peaches, pineapples, and grapes. Eat only raw, fresh fruit; stay away from canned or tinned fruit as much as you can. Fresh fruit salads prepared at home and smoothies with no added sugar can be additional options as well.

Boiled Vegetables

When it comes to vegetables, those that have been boiled or steamed should be a regular component of the diet routine. Lunch and dinner can be served along with a bowl of boiled veggies. Having a fresh salad of veggies daily instead of fast food can be a healthy option.

Staying Hydrated

Proper hydration is an imperative element of a balanced lifestyle. Make sure you always carry a water bottle and sip enough every 15-30 minutes. Drinking water and other beneficial liquids is essential for staying hydrated and healthy, especially for those who are suffering from hydrocele.

Black and Ginger Tea

Both black and ginger teas are well-known for their multiple health benefits. Those who have hydrocele might benefit from drinking ginger and black tea. A tiny cup of ginger tea each day could help reduce some pain and Inflammation.

A Diet High in Fibre

Among the most beneficial foods that should be included in a diet is those that contain a lot of fibre since they are essential for a healthy tract. Hydrocele patients may get some benefits from fibre-rich foods like barley, oats, methi, jowar and bajra, as, they can help to improve digestion.


The antioxidants are one of the essentials that your body needs and will be highly benefited from when included in the diet. Due to their high antioxidant content, Strawberries, fruits of red and orange colour, and berries can help with your body's detoxification.

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