Kidney shrinkage diet

What is Kidney Shrinkage?

Kidney shrinkage is a medical condition in which the size of the kidney becomes reduced, and the surface area and the volume of the kidney become reduced. Kidney shrinkage is attributed to different kidney disorders such as kidney stones and diabetic kidneys. Kidney disease is a serious cause of concern, which can be treated by homeopathy. 

Indians are prone to kidney shrinkage because of many reasons, such as the presence of dry and humid climate, which contributes to the concentrated urine. Also, the inclination of the Indians towards the consumption of dietary food and potassium-rich green vegetables. 

Can kidney shrinkage be cured?

Kidney shrinkage diet and breakfast play an important role in the treatment of the disorder. The patients might worsen their condition of kidney shrinkage by consuming allopathic medicines. If kidney shrinkage patients want to get rid of the disease, then they should adopt homeopathic medicines. Allopathic medicine increases the toxicity levels in the patients. When the various experiments and comparisons were performed, then it was found that the patients who were taking the homeopathic medicines were found to be get benefited from the homeopathic medicines. 

What to avoid in diet to treat Kidney shrinkage?

Limit protein consumption.

The patient should eat a limited amount of protein in the Kidney shrinkage diet and breakfast. The increased consumption of protein increases the workload on the kidney. The patient should avoid dairy products such as cheese, milk, whey, and eggs. 

Limited consumption of potassium-rich foods

The patient should participate in the Kidney shrinkage diet, and breakfast should avoid Fruits like orange, Arbi, Lemon Banana, Orange, Mushroom, jackfruit, Coconut, and Amla. If your potassium is above five milli-equivalent, then avoid any fresh fruits, chutneys, and Sauces and use minimal tomatoes in food. You should use very few tomatoes while cooking your food. Etc should be avoided.

Reduce Salt intake

You should avoid any sort of added salt, soda, and processed fruit salad powder. The patient should also avoid any tinned or canned, or preserved products with higher concentrations of salts. Increased sodium levels can cause kidney shrinkage. 


Reduce fried and oily food consumption:

If a patient wants to get rid of the kidney shrinkage problem. Then that patient should avoid fast food such as noodles, chole bhature, snacks, fritters, pizza. An optimum amount of fat up to 2-4 teaspoons per day is permissible.

Water intake control:

Over-consumption of water is to be avoided. You shall not force any water intake. You should drink when you feel thirsty. Water after meals shall not be taken by the patient. The patient shall use small glasses, and water should be swallowed slowly. 

No coffee and tea:

The patient suffering from kidney shrinkage shall not drink coffee and tea. Coffee and tea slow down the rate of metabolism in the patients. 

Bharat homeopathy utility in kidney shrinkage diet?

Bharat Homeopathy believes in treating as well as recommending the best kidney shrinkage diet to patients. Our patients, after consulting us, concluded that the disease-causing factors are appropriately treated with the help of a Kidney shrinkage diet chart. Even after many follow-up rounds after the treatment, the patients are listened to and advised carefully and provided with the best-customized food to treat kidney shrinkage. Bharat Homeopathy provides an individualistic diet plan that is ideal to follow and simple to implement.

What to include in the diet to treat Kidney shrinkage?

Fruits to be taken in moderation:If the potassium level is below five milli-equivalent, then you can eat fresh fruits such as Apple or papaya or Guava, or pineapple in moderation.

Green tea:The patient shall drink green tea or herbal tea. Green or herbal tea has a good amount of antioxidants. The herbal and green tea tend to heal the kidney shrinkage ailments in the patients. Green tea can also be included in the kidney shrinkage diet breakfast.

Cereals and grains:The rice and wheat shall be taken by the patient. The rice can be taken if the patient is not diabetic. The rice can be taken in moderation by the patient if the patient is not diabetic. The wheat flour can be eaten without any restriction. Cereals can be included in the kidney shrinkage diet breakfast.

Dry fruits:Cashew, almonds, and walnuts are important to heal the patient suffering from kidney shrinkage. Roasted dry fruits are important to include in the diet of the patient.

Basil (Tulsi) extract:Tulsi extract is herbal in nature, and it contains acetic acid, which helps break down kidney stones and reduce kidney pain. It is full of nutrients and minerals. Basil extract has been for urinary and inflammatory disorders. The antioxidants compounds in basil juice help treat kidney shrinkage.

Kidney Shrinkage Diet Chart

A proper Kidney shrinkage diet chart is very important to keep up with the patients in their minds. A proper diet chart shall be followed by the patient that should include a balanced diet such as non-thick pulses, chapatis, and a balanced diet. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the food items to be taken and to be avoided by the Kidney shrinkage patients. Kidney shrinkage diet and workout should be taken care of by the patient. 

Why Bharat Homeopathy in the kidney shrinkage diet?

We at Bharat homeopathy provide a better diet chart plan for kidney shrinkage patients. We believe that every patient is unique. Every patient at Bharat homeopathy is treated with love, care, compassion, and empathy. Our experts are cent percent dedicated to imparting the best services to the patient. We have treated 20,000+ kidney ailments patients successfully in the past. 


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