Hepatitis C

What is Nephrotic Syndrome?

Hepatitis C is a viral infection is caused by the Hepatitis C virus (HCV), in which the liver gets damaged. The Hepatitis C disease spreads when the contaminated blood of a Hepatitis C patient gets mixed with the bloodstream of an average and uninfected person. This is a serious and life-threatening disorder.

Around 12–18 million people in India are infected with HCV in India. The estimated population infected with Hepatitis C in India is about 0.5–1.5%. Bharat Homeopathy is serving Hepatitis C patients relentlessly and playing a significant part in India’s fight against it. Homeopathy can treat Hepatitis C completely.

Stages of Hepatitis C

The Hepatitis C disease has several stages:

  • Incubation Phase: This is the time between first exposure to the initial stage of the disease. It can last from 14 to 80 days, but the average incubation is 45 days.
  • Acute hepatitis C. It is a short-term phase of an illness that lasts for the first six months after the virus enters the patient’s blood circulation. After that, some people who have escaped the infection clear the virus independently.
  • Chronic hepatitis C. In Chronic hepatitis C – up to 85% of the liver gets damaged – the illness moves into a phase longer than six months. Chronic hepatitis C infection can lead to serious health issues like liver cirrhosis or liver cancer.
  • Cirrhosis Stage. It usually takes about 20 to 30 years to replace the healthy liver cells with scar tissues. Cirrhosis leads to inflammation and extreme pain in the liver. The rate of development of Cirrhosis can be faster if the patient drinks alcohol or have HIV.
  • Liver Cancer. Worsen stage of Cirrhosis causes liver cancer. Regular tests are significant because there are usually no symptoms in the early stages of Liver Cancer.

Causes of the Hepatitis C:

  • Sharing Injection Drugs and Needles: A person infected with Hepatitis C shares its razor, blades, and blood bathed sharp objects with others intentionally or unintentionally; then it can transmit the Hepatitis C disease to others.
  • Via Infected Mother To Her Child: The risk of mother-to-child or vertical Hepatitis C Transmission depends upon Hepatitis C RNA viral load. It can be prevented with the help of Hepatitis C homeopathic treatment.
  • Infected Needles: Persons who share the syringes and take drugs by directly penetrating them in the blood veins are more prone to transmit the Hepatitis C virus. 
  • Having Sex with HIV or Another STD-infected Partner: There is a high possibility of Hepatitis C transmission disease from the semen or blood of the infected male to the vaginal secretion of the uninfected female or vice-versa.
  • Getting a Tattoo or Piercing with Infected Equipment: The infected equipment might have drops or traces of blood, sweat, and other body fluid, which might come in contact with the blood of an uninfected person and might cause Hepatitis C.
  • Sharing Personal Care Tools: Sharing the shaving blades, shaver, and trimmer with other people might lead to Hepatitis C transmission.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C Disease:

  • Fluid buildup in the Abdomen: The fluid starts to become accumulated in the Abdomen. The Abdomen becomes puffy and swollen.
  • Bleeding easily: The blood clotting ability of the patient becomes reduced, and as a result, the patient gets hurt easily and frequently.
  • Weight loss: The muscle mass of the patient becomes deteriorated. The
  • Confusion, Drowsiness, and Slurred Speech: This is one of the most common Hepatitis C symptoms. the thought process becomes impaired, and the address becomes interrupted.
  • Fatigue: In patients with Hepatitis C, fatigue can be clearly seen in which the patient feels lazy and stops taking an active part in daily routine tasks and physical activities.
  • Poor appetite: The patients feel an abnormally low level of hunger due to the decreased secretion of acid in the stomach.
  • Yellow Discoloration of The Eyes and Skin: This condition is known as Jaundice. The eyes and skin of the patient appear yellow.
  • Dark-colored Urine: The urine becomes dark in colour due to the changes in the urinary system of the patient.
  • Itchy Skin: The excessive release of chemicals in the skin such as histamine and serotonin. The itchy skin can be treated by homeopathic medicines.
  • Bruising Easily: The inner blood vessels get hurt easily, and internal bleeding occurs more commonly in the hepatitis C symptoms

Homeopathic Approach in the Treatment of Hepatitis C:

The different types of Therapies in Hepatitis C homeopathic treatment are given to control blood pressure levels & prevent the further progression of Hepatitis C. Consumption of Homeopathic Medicines causes no side effects. Hepatitis C treatment treats the inflamed and damaged kidney excellently and effectively. Biological studies indicate that the Hepatitis C homeopathic treatment is much more effective and result-oriented than the Hepatitis C allopathic treatment. It has been found that the injured and hurt kidneys return to normalcy in the patients undergoing Hepatitis C homeopathic treatment. The homeopathic Approach has multiple benefits, as it tends to alter and reverse the effect of this kidney disorder. Homeopathic physicians provide Hepatitis C treatment. Hepatitis C and different numbers of kidney diseases are completely cured with the help of Hepatitis C treatment based on homeopathy.

Tests for Hepatitis C

  • Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA): The third-generation Hepatitis C  detects Hepatitis C surface antibodies that bind to recombinant antigens derived from Hepatitis C Virus.
  • Transient Electrography: It is a type of ultrasound that transmits vibrations into the liver and measures the speed of their dispersed sound waves through liver tissue to estimate its level of stiffness.
  • Liver Biopsy. In this test, the ultrasound guidance is taken, and this test involves inserting a thin needle through the patient’s abdominal wall to remove a small piece of liver tissue for testing.
  • Magnetic Resonance Electrography (MRE). It is a painless alternative to a liver biopsy. MRE combines magnetic resonance imaging technology with patterns formed by sound waves deflecting the liver to create a visual map indicating the regions of stiffness throughout the liver. Stiff liver tissue signifies the presence of liver scarring as a result of chronic hepatitis C.
  • Blood Tests. A series of blood tests can give a reliable measure of the extent of fibrosis in your liver.
  • Rapid Immunoassays: This is a highly advanced and reliable technique used to diagnose Hepatitis C. this technique is an application of modern science and technology.

Allopathy v/s Homeopathy

  •  Allopathic medicines are difficult to filter from the patient’s body, and they are not that effective. In addition,  they do not treat the liver of patients with Hepatitis C. Therefore; allopathic drugs did not prove fruitful in treating the Hepatitis C symptoms.
  • Allopathic drugs are made synthetically, and thus, they cause toxicity to the patient with Hepatitis C and other problems. The Hepatitis C homeopathic treatment is good in terms of assured results. Allopathic Hepatitis C vaccine is harmful to the patients.
  • In Allopathy, drugs are involved in the short-term reduction of the symptoms of Hepatitis C. Homeopathic medicine relies on particular medicine and doses. So, first, the patients are thoroughly looked at their medical records. And then, the doctor prescribes the best Hepatitis C homeopathic treatment.
  • Many excellent and healthy pathological changes are seen in kidney failure patients undergoing Hepatitis C Homeopathic treatment. In addition, patients become completely satisfied with the homeopathic treatment.
  • Homeopathy treats the patient biologically. For example, in Hepatitis C Homeopathic treatment, the patient is relieved from the discomfort causing symptoms, and the recurrence of the ailment is also prevented. Hepatitis C pain is also believed to decrease in patients undergoing homeopathic treatment.
  • Homeopathy treatment is a genuine and secure mode of healthcare that treats the patient physically and provides a good post-treatment experience.

How is Bharat Homeopathy Treating Hepatitis C patients?

Unlike other outdated Homeopathic hospitals that immediately prescribe useless and toxic medicines; We rely on patients’ medical backgrounds; and modern Homeopathic medication. For example, Hepatitis C treatment is provided at Bharat Homeopathy is highly productive.

We at Bharat Homeopathy are providing Hepatitis C treatment. Our experts are constantly involved in carefully determining the exact needs of the patients engaged with us in the Hepatitis C homeopathic treatment.

At Bharat homeopathy, the medicines that we give to our patients are carefully made with good practices. The medicines that we use to treat Hepatitis C and other kidney diseases. The patients who have been treated in the past never complain about any side-effect from homeopathic medicines.

Bharat homeopathy cares about the patients that consulted us. We generously treat the patients that have shown their precious trust in us with utmost patience. We work as a responsible organization that believes in the homeopathic medicine system as the first choice for Hepatitis C treatment.

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