Why are Homeopathic Medicines Best for Nephritis?

Why are Homeopathic Medicines Best for Nephritis?

What is Nephritis?

Kidneys, the two bean-shaped organs, are located in the lower back and comprise around one million nephrons, which function as filtering units. The glomerulus is a small collection of blood vessels located inside a nephron. The glomerulus filters your blood and removes excess fluid and waste through urine.

Nephritis refers to a disease condition that causes inflammation in the kidneys, thereby reducing their ability to filter waste from the blood. It also results in fluid buildup in the body due to the excretion of a significant amount of protein through the urine. Nephritis may occur suddenly(acute nephritis) or progress gradually over time(chronic nephritis).

Nephritis is often caused by the immune system’s response to a medicine, chemical, or infection. Your immune system develops antibodies to fight germs and toxins. These antibodies may harm your kidneys and nephrons, resulting in swelling and scarring.

Nephritis Symptoms

The majority of people experience at least one of the following nephritis symptoms

  • Protein in the urine 
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Decreased urine output
  • Swelling in the face, feet, legs, and hands

Symptoms of nephritis vary depending on its aetiology and severity, and so do its treatment. 

Treatment for Nephritis

While every nephritis treatment approach has advantages of its own, opting for the best one can sometimes be challenging. Individuals usually remain in a dilemma while choosing the best treatment for their condition. A common person is turning towards natural treatment options due to the lack of curative efficacy in modern medicines and their adverse reactions. 

Natural medicines and treatments make up the majority of all legally recognised medical systems in India, and homeopathy, a natural form of treatment, has recently become quite popular. Homeopathy has mixed up so well into the history and traditions of the country that it is accepted as one of the national systems of medicine and plays a significant role in providing health care to about 70% of the population in India.


Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that dates back to the 18th century and is a holistic medicinal practice in which the smallest quantity of medication is administered to treat an illness. Many individuals have obtained relief from a variety of ailments by taking very few dosages of natural, safe homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic medicine is made from a variety of natural components, which can be either plant-based or mineral-based. Due to tremendous advances in medical research, hundreds of unique homeopathic remedies are now in existence. The widespread recognition of homeopathy as a viable treatment option in India for serious illnesses has made it the third most popular form of treatment in the country. 

Wondering Why Homeopathic Medicines are beneficial in curing Nephritis?

The reason is that homeopathy’s principle of “like cures like” stimulates the immune system, thereby boosting the body’s inherent ability to recover. Besides “like cures like,” homeopaths also adhere to the “law of minimum dose.” The idea is that the lesser the amount of medication, the more effective it is. As a result, the patient receives only the minimum quantity of medicine required to initiate the healing response. Other reasons why one should opt for homeopathic medicines are-


One of the most important advantages of homeopathic medicine for nephritis is that treatments are “individualised” and tailored to each individual’s unique nephritis causes, symptoms, history, body, and demands. Even if two patients are suffering from the same condition, homeopathic doctors may give them quite different recommendations depending on their individual circumstances and how their bodies will presumably respond to medications.


Homeopathy differs from traditional treatment since it places a strong emphasis on a patient’s emotions and personality. A homeopathic doctor may often discuss a patient’s stress levels, relationships, personal qualities, family, and so on. The reason for this is that people react differently to various amounts of homeopathic medicines, with some requiring far larger doses than others based on their specific conditions.


Case-taking is an important step in homeopathic treatment as it facilitates the gathering of data about what has to be treated in the diseased individual. It is said that “A well-taken case is half cured”. In order to help in the most effective way possible, a homeopathic practitioner seeks to understand the patient’s complete experience and expectations rather than just drawing blood, urine, hormone, or other test results and then administering traditional medications.

Side effect Free

Homoeopathic medication dosages are prepared in a standardised, regulated, and hygienic environment. Because the source substance in homoeopathic medications is present in a very low amount, the treatments have no adverse outcomes. As a result, there are no side effects or damage to the organs. Homoeopathic medications function by strengthening the body’s immunological response to the disease. They are safe to administer even to those with weak constitutions and impaired immune systems.

Homeopathy is a viable alternative to conventional treatments as its medicines treat most illnesses from their roots and provide a long-lasting cure, thus offering an effective means of healing for both acute and chronic problems. Individuals who received customised, small “homeopathic” dosages experienced substantial symptom relief and improvements within the early phase of their treatment.

There are no prerequisites prior to beginning a homeopathy treatment for nephritis. One can consult with a homeopath if they have been diagnosed with nephritis and have tried several different treatments without success. 

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