What exactly is Asthma?

A persistent condition in which a person’s airways swell and become narrow, inflamed, and produce extra mucus makes it difficult for a person to breathe, known as asthma. The disease can be minor as it doesn’t interfere with daily activities or is crucial in which a person will face a life-threatening attack.

In some circumstances, airway swelling might prevent oxygen from reaching the lungs. As a result, oxygen cannot enter the bloodstream or reach essential organs. Therefore, those who have severe symptoms must take an asthma treatment. The treatment typically includes identifying triggers, taking precautions to avoid triggers, and monitoring your breathing. When the asthma symptoms become worse, its attack happens. 

The following asthma symptoms occur due to the reduced amount of air produced through the airways:

  1. Constant Coughing and Wheezing
  2. Tightness in neck and chest muscles
  3. Chest tightness
  4. Troubled sleeping
  5. Anxiety and panic
  6. Breathe shortness

The above-mentioned symptoms often occur due to the following causes of asthma:

  1. Infection by diseases such as cold and flu
  2. Sudden changes in the weather
  3. Psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, and panic attack.
  4. Infection by anti-inflammatory medicines
  5. Pollution, smoke in the environment
  6. Trigger by the allergies
  7. Genetic factors
  8. Occupational exposures

The following are the preventive measures of asthma that help in the long-term management of the disease.

  1. Identify the various triggers
  2. Avoid exposure to allergens
  3. Stay away from any smoke and fume
  4. Prevent diseases such as colds and flu
  5. Take proper medications as prescribed
  6. Avoid exposure to a polluted environment
  7. Keep your surroundings clean
  8. Maintain a proper hygiene

Treatment of Asthma by homeopathy

The above-mentioned preventions should be followed along with proper bronchial asthma treatment. Bronchial asthma treatment generally involves identifying the causes, following measures to avoid those causes, and frequently monitoring your breathing to ensure that your medications control your symptoms. Homeopathic treatment of asthma is increasingly becoming popular and is being practised all over the world. Choose Bharat Homeopathy for effective asthma treatment as the medicines provided by Bharat Homeopathy are helpful in treating the disease of asthma and are highly effective in curing all the symptoms related to asthma. 

The following asthma treatment guidelines must be followed in order to control the symptoms of asthma.

  1. Regulate your symptoms and keep them under control.
  2. Maintain regular activity levels, which should include exercise.
  3. Attempt to keep pulmonary function as close to normal as you can.
  4. Prevent asthma exacerbations.
  5. Avoid side effects from asthma treatments.

Why choose Bharat homeopathy?

By educating the patient about general safety precautions and preventive measures, we use worldwide knowledge to guide the patient’s recovery process. We are dedicated to providing affordable, accessible healthcare that is guided by the values of compassion, integrity, and moral conduct. When treating a chronic illness, our treatment plans are created after carefully considering every little aspect of the patient, including age, occupation, prior diseases, and living conditions unique to that person. Bharat Homeopathy fully adheres to the adage, “Treat the patient, not the disease.” After selecting the appropriate prescription, the medical team carefully considers the dosage, frequency, and potency to yield the best outcomes and hasten healing in each patient.


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